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Only Hair Loss Solution with Guaranteed Results!



SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is also called Medical Hair Tattoo, Scalp Tattoo or Hair Tattoo. There are millions of men and women who have cosmetic problems with their scalps and hair resulting from dermatologic or genetic conditions such as intractable Alopecia Aerate or female genetic balding. SMP requires that the pigment be placed in microdots of less than 1mm in size and 1mm apart. This process gives the appearance of a freshly shaved head or buzz cut.

SMP can also be modified to increase density to clients with alopecia or thinning hair in men and women of any age.

SMP is an effective treatment for men and women of all ages, all balding patterns, and skin types.


SMP is the only hair loss solution with guaranteed and lasting results. Non-invasive, permanent treatment with minimal care to look after. Results are visible from very first treatment, SMP is the answer you are looking for. After trying various treatments including hair transplants and receiving little to no results, our clients have reached out to us and we have helped them to bring their confidence back. At Complexion Beauty you will receive a world class service with a personal approach.


Complexion Beauty was built on passion to change people’s lives and understanding. We, at Complexion Beauty put our clients first in every way. We understand that hair loss is a sensitive issue to those affected by. That's why our practitioners have undergone extensive training with only the world's best trainers. 

At Complexion Beauty you will find professionalism, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In our modern clinic we take the time to ensure our clients feel reassured and comfortable.


At Complexion Beauty we are using only the highest quality equipment available. 5PM Shadow is a tried and true pigment with hundreds of real world results. Made in a 100% vegan process, this carbon pigment comes in both 15ml and 30ml options. 5PM Shadow is a concentrate that can be mixed and diluted to create 2 to 60 shades depending on your clients skin tone and specific needs, with no color change guaranteed.


Is SMP The Best Option for Hair Loss?

Although there are other options for hair loss available, they cannot guarantee results like SMP can. For example, not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant as well this option can leave large scars and results which do not meet client’s expectations not to mentioned these treatments are very expensive.

There are also various pills and potions available on the hair loss market. These options can take months to see minimal results if any. The costs of these treatments are also an ongoing costs with most treatments requiring daily doses for a lifetime.

SMP is a fraction of the cost of a hair transplant, and the results of SMP are instant and permanent. What’s more, clients who have undergone our SMP treatment can still have a hair transplant if they decided to. The SMP treatment would add to the density of your overall look and can be used to cover hair transplant scars.

Will My SMP Treatment be Noticeable to Others?

Our SMP treatment is designed to match and blend in with your existing hair growth seamlessly and therefore is not noticeable.

If you was to look closely at the hair of a shaven head, the hair looks like lots of small dots. We use our micro needles to replicate these dots using our specialized technique. The SMP treatment is blended seamlessly into the existing hair leaving a completely undetectable result. For clients with longer hair, these micro dots would be built up over your treatment sessions until the required density is reached.

How Long Will SMP Last?

SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss and will last a lifetime with maintenance touch ups along the way. How often you require touch ups depends on various factors such as your immune system, how you look after your treatment and UV exposure. Some clients may require touch ups around every 4 to 6 years where as others may require touch ups around every three years. Some clients may never need a touch up. It really does differ from person to person. Touch ups are usually completed within 1 – 2 hours.

How Will You Design My New Hairline?

Designing your new hairline is something we take time over during your first treatment session. We add around 45 minutes to your first treatment session for hairline design. We take your input on your preferred hairline whether it be a defined hairline, natural receded look, or a subtle, soft hairline, and our practitioner will advise you along the way. We begin by drawing your new hairline using a white wax pencil and make any adjustments as necessary. Only once you are happy with your new hairline design do we start the SMP treatment. Although you will have a new hairline in place from your first treatment, it will be a subtle result as we build the density of your treatment over your following treatment sessions. This allows for changes to your hairline if desired over these sessions.

Will SMP Treatment Damage My Existing Hair Growth?

No. The SMP treatment does not damage existing hair growth nor does it damage hair growth from hair transplant procedures. Some clients even use SMP and hair transplants together to create their required density.

Does Having SMP Hurts?

SMP is a relatively painless treatment. Some clients describe the feel of a small pin on their scalp where as others even say it feels quite nice and relaxing and some listen to music throughout their treatment.


Complexion Beauty was founded by Daniela Kunca who has been involved in the health and beauty industry for over 20 years. She took SMP training in Toronto, Canada. 

Steve, our other SMP artist, himself suffers from hair loss so he can personally empathize with our clients on a personal level. Steve took his extensive training at Scalp Culture in Northampton UK and was trained by one of the world’s leading SMP artist Justin Davids.

Daniela and Steve are highly skilled practitioners. For past 3 years they have helped many clients to overcome their lack of confidence caused by hair loss.

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