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How the Whitening WORKS

The Beautiful Bright Smile system works with a combination of LED light and the specially formulated gels. The cool blue LED light is used to dehydrate teeth, opening up microscopic tubules (tiny pores) in the enamel. By opening up the tubules the gel is able to "sink in" and lift stains quickly and efficiently.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes but can be as long as 75 minutes or as short as 40 minutes. Every client is different and may need different lengths of treatment time, depending on clients enamel type. 

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic STAIN

Teeth whitening is the process of lifting and removing surface stain (extrinsic stain) sitting on top of the enamel (main, hardened surface of the tooth) or restoration.

Examples of extrinsic staining: 

Liquids (coffee, tea, wine, pop etc.)

Foods (steak, spaghetti etc.)

Oral Habits (smoking cigarettes, cigars, chew tobacco etc.)

Examples of intrinsic staining (inside the tooth-needs to be removed by dentist):

Root canaled teeth (the nerve has been removed)

Fluorosis spots (too much fluoride)

Tetracycline Stain (antibiotic used in 80's)


  • All products are Health Canada approved

  • Products are made in North America

  • Cool blue LED light does not cause any heat damage to the teeth during the treatment

  • No strips or trays, every treatment is custom to each client. Gums are safely protected with cheek retractors and barriers

  • Due to our gentle treatment and after conditioning treatment, sensitivity is at a minimum or nothing at all

  • A beautiful white smile - professional teeth whitening for a very affordable price. All products are Health Canada approved. In partnership with Beautiful Bright Smile with location in Okotoks.

How often can I have the procedure completed?

To keep enamel safe we recommend that the client can have 2 full treatments within 4 weeks, then wait 3-4 months in between. During this time you can purchase an upkeep kit from us to keep your teeth the brightest.


I have crowns/veneers/fillings on my front teeth, can I whiten?

In a word, yes! Although restorations cannot be whitened like natural teeth they do accumulate surface stain that can be removed by whitening. Over time your natural teeth surrounding the restorations will darken in shade, using this service will give the teeth a cohesive appearance, this is called a restoration match appointment.


How long will the results last?

Results usually last 3-6 months depending on teeth structure, hygiene and oral habits. 

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

How much of a difference will I see?

It's hard to say as everyone is different but the usual result is 4-10 shades brighter, sometimes more. We do guarantee results.

Does it hurt?

Whitening will not hurt your teeth. If you already have sensitive teeth this will not enhance that sensitivity. We use a medicine to coat and protect teeth after the appointment to curb post treatment sensitivity. We worked very hard in research to use a product that is both safe and gentle on your teeth.


How many sessions will I need?

Usually only 1 appointment is needed. This appointment is 60 minutes of light therapy broken up into 3, 20 minutes sessions. In some cases another appointment is needed due to heavy staining. Results are immediate.

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