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Designed for the beginners. This course helps you better understand what you can safely do and accomplish with this extremely effective treatment.

This course will leave you completely ready to confident to start the treatments on your own.

Hands-On Microneedling Training Includes:
-Safety procedures (needles, blood etc.)
-History of microneedling
-Skin physiology
-Fitzpatrick skin typing
-Client selection
-Contraindications of microneedling
-Proper skin needling technique
-Pre/Post care
-Skin preparations for microneedling
-Disease and infection control
-Safety procedures (needles, blood etc.)
-How to combine microneedling with other treatments
-Microneedling Certification
-Start up kit
Education is one of the most important parts of learning a new procedure and we provide continuous support!

The importance of receiving the good training in SMP from a certified SMP expert is paramount to your success in this industry. With some opting to train with poor and low cost training providers who don’t have the necessary experience and skills themselves to train in SMP, trainees are quick to realize that they were set to fail. Investing in the correct SMP training is a worthwhile investment.


  • Fully accredited training

  • Free ongoing support for life

  • Expert in natural looking hairlines & results

  • Access to the finest equipment in the SMP industry

  • Practical hands-on training

  • Insurance approved

  • Live models supplied

  • Equipment supplied

  • No experience necessary

  • 5 star reviews

  • Become part of a team

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